School Life

Club activities play an important role in expanding the potential of students, and nurturing the richness of human individuality.
Ikueinishi offers both academic and extracurricular club activities.
Joining a club is free, and every year many freshmen choose a club based on their experiences in elementary school and junior high school. In addition, some students choose to join a new club.
Introduction of each club(Japnese)
Annual Events
Experience in a variety of school events will develop a broader mind and stronger human qualities. Through such events as our Culture Festival, Sports Day, Graduation Travel, and school excursions, teachers observe the students’ growth through experiencing these school events.
Ikueinishi Atmosphere
Ikueinishi provides a comfortable school life in harmony with its surrounding environment, located in a beautiful campus in the hills of Tomio Town, away from the crowds and noise of the city, and is enveloped by rich nature. On this campus you can experience each of the four seasons.

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