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Educational philosophy and vision
“To nurture young women who may contribute to society, with a deep culture and sincere humanity”.
The education of Nara Ikuei Gakuen schools aims to foster a thorough personality through the belief in God, love for all people, respect for moral principles, love of truth, and appreciation for people’s different roles in society, while cultivating the spirit to enjoy work. This is the educational ideal since the inception of Nara Ikuei Gakuen.
Following the principles of the above foundational ideals, Ikueinishi’s educational philosophy is ‘‘to nurture young women who can contribute to society, with a rich culture and sincere humanity.’’
Anticipating the future of Japan and the world, we aim to nurture young women who can create their own challenges with independent thinking and take action in cooperation with others, in order to make a better society.
Ikueinishi 21st Century Global Education
To expand education that enhances efficiency towards the development of “global human resources”. In addition, it defines the four skills required in the 21st century. Concurrently we will continue to expand global education in the 21st century through education in our school.
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Two courses, Tokusetsu and Ritsumeikan
Tokusetsu Course
This course is aimed at giving students the necessary skills to successfully complete the entrance examinations for national and public universities, as well as higher level private universities.
Ritsumeikan Course
This course is to cultivate applied skills with a wide range of knowledge in order to enter Ritsumeikan University or Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.
History of Ikueinishi
In 1916, Takazo Fujii and his wife Sho, founded a private girls’ school in the town of Hanashiba in Nara City. Later they moved the school to the current Horen Campus in Horen Town in Nara City, which lead to the formation of Nara Ikuei Junior and Senior High School, Nara Ikuei Elementary School, and Nara Ikuei Kindergarten. To commemorate the 70th anniversary of Nara Ikuei Gakuen, and with a desire to return to the original founding principles, Ikueinishi was founded to undertake the education of young women from a new perspective, in the town of Tomio. In 1983 in the current Tomio Campus, Ikueinishi Junior and Senior High School was opened to nurture “women who can contribute to the development for the next generation”.
Uniform Introduction (Junior and Senior High School)
Junior High School Uniform
It is a design with a fresh and clean appearance. The winter uniform is primarily dark blue, the summer uniform is accented with the school’s red emblem on a white blouse.
High School Uniform
As the opportunity arose for the school’s 30th anniversary, the uniform was updated, making it more suitable for high school life in terms of its design and functionality.
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School Life
School Life
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